Saturday, January 21, 2012

Affiliate Masterclass

Affiliate Masterclass A Real Winner

95% of people who get involved with in affiliate marketing fail.  We’ve all heard this number over and over again.

It’s a frightening number,  but they’re not just statistics – we’re talking about real people who have families and bills to pay.  Affiliate marketing can be a way out of this downward spiral for most people if they know the secrets.
Affiliate Masterclass is designed to share the secrets that really successful affiliate marketers take for granted.

The course will consist of:

  • Affiliate Masterclass 6 Weeks of Video Courses with content drip-fed on a weekly basis;
  • Multiple LIVE running case studies.  These will allow students to follow real life sites, have input into the outcomes.  As a special surprise (to be announced during the launch) Sean will give 2 or 3 of the successful case study sites to students chosen at random during the final webinar;
  • Not one but 2 webinars per week.  One will discusses course content, and provide a forum for students to ask questions.  The second webinar will cover the live Masterclass case studies; and
  • Students will also get access to our Masterclass discussion forum that Sean will monitor personally until the end of 2012.

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